Minister of Justice calls for high-quality development of global legal services
Date: 2021-04-23

Minister of Justice Tang Yijun has urged joint efforts of global lawyers to advance the high-quality development of global legal services. 

Tang made the remarks when delivering a speech at the opening ceremony of the 30th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) held in Shanghai on April 19.


Minister of Justice Tang Yijun attends and speaks at the opening ceremony of the 30th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA). [Photo/]

Noting in his speech that China has always attached great importance to the promotion of rule of law, he said that by actively adapting to the need for an all-round opening-up, participating in international legal services, and communicating and cooperating with the rest of the world, China’s legal profession has made substantial progress.

He said he expects Chinese lawyers and their foreign peers to join hands in moving economic globalization towards greater openness, inclusiveness, balance and win-win outcomes, innovating the global governance system using the rule of law, advancing the global economic integration, and pursing the prosperity of the global legal service industry.

Li Fei, chairman of the Constitution and Law Committee of the National People’s Congress, noted in his address that with constant improvement of its legislative system, China has made enormous progress in promoting the rule of law since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012. 

He said that the country will further promote the rule of law concerning foreign affairs and improve relevant laws and rules so as to contribute Chinese solution and wisdom to the rule of law promotion around the world.

In his speech, Gong Zheng, mayor of Shanghai, pointed out that Shanghai has become one of the regions in China with the most open legal service market and the highest density of local offices and representatives of foreign law firms.

He said that the city is striving to become a high ground for global legal services, international commercial dispute resolution and the building of a law-based business environment.

He vowed to advance the overall development of the foreign-related legal service, protect the legitimate rights and interests of market entities of all types in a lawful and impartial manner, and contribute more to the innovative development of the lawyer profession in the Asia and Pacific region.

Also at the ceremony, Vice Justice Minister Xiong Xuanguo made a keynote speech on the building of first-rate arbitration institutions in the world. Ban Ki-moon, former secretary-general of the United Nations and chairman of Boao Forum for Asia, also addressed the event via video link.


Kang Yu, Secretary General of BRILA, delivers remarks at the sub-forum of the 30th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA).

Wang Junfeng, president of BRILA, Kang Yu, Secretary General of BRILA, and BRILA Council Member Ji Nuo and Manuel Torres Salazar also attended the conference.

Kang Yu noted in his speech during the sub-forum that BRILA has made some progress in promoting the Belt and Road legal services. He expects more legal professionals at home and abroad to join BRILA and make efforts to contribute their wisdom and strength to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind and the development of the rule of law around the world.

Over 600 guests and representative from more than 30 countries and regions attend the meeting in person or through video link.