Information about Committees

    BRILA now has eight professional committees: Committee of Finance Law, Committee of Cross-Border Dispute Resolution, Committee of Maritime Law, Committee of Mergers & Acquisitions, Committee of International Trade, Committee of Resource, Environment and Energy, Committee of Intellectual Property Protection, Committee of Infrastructure Construction.

Responsibilities of Professional Committees

1.Exchange and Training

To organize lawyers, academics, and professionals from government, courts and arbitration institutions from various countries (regions) to conduct in-depth investigations and studies on certain law fields;

To hold various legal business seminars, symposiums and training activities;

To participate in or provide guidance to legal services for major international business projects or cases.

2.Publicity and consultation

To organize members to sort out and compile domestic and foreign laws and regulations, cases and related literature and materials, and carry out academic exchanges and cooperation with other countries (regions);

To utilize publications, websites and other media to publicize and consult on legal knowledge and key issues in professional fields and typical cases handled by member lawyers.


To develop a lawyer network and strengthen cooperation among members when they are handling major and complex international cases and cases in different jurisdictions;

To set up an expert support system to guide and support the work of professional committees and cooperate with lawyers to handle cases;

To promote the communication between professional committees and local professional departments;

To coordinate lawyers' business activities, establish other social support networks related to lawyers' business activities, and support lawyers to perform their duties according to law.